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24 juni 2023    
12:00 - 13:00


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Zoom Meeting

This is a LIVE ZOOM meeting where we practice Tai Chi for Memory.
Available language: NL, DE, UK

What are we going to do?

  • Introduction of teacher and housekeeping
  • Warming up
  • Practicing Tai Chi for Memory complete
  • Details about the movements in the form
  • Practicing Tai Chi for Memeroy complete
  • Cooling down and evaluation

What is Tai Chi for Memory?
Studies have shown tai chi improves memory and brain health. Dr Lam’s team merged medical research and traditional Chinese medicine with tai chi to create an easy to learn program. It is especially useful for people with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, or similar conditions. It is also designed to prevent these conditions.

Caring for people with memory loss is challenging for carers and family; this mind-body program engages everyone for a quality time together. It will improve most aspects of health including balance, immunity and relaxation, and can be practiced and enjoyed by anyone.

Reasons to Come

  • Practice this program personally with Donny and/or Anouchka (and other participants)
  • Meet likewise participants
  • Deepen your understanding of tai chi principles

Who Will Benefit?
Everyone who has learned the Tai Chi for Memory at a TCHI Workshop or local class.


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